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What is AutoKitteh?

AutoKitteh is an open-source workflow automation and orchestration platform tailored for developers. It enables the creation, management, and monitoring of code-centric automations and durable workflows.

It is a developer-first alternative to no-code/low-code platforms (such as Zapier, Workato,, etc.), as well as a durable execution platform which is a complement to Temporal.

It offers tools and simplified abstractions for crafting reliable, long-running workflows without sacrificing the power and flexibility of sophisticated code.

Who Can Benefit From AutoKitteh

AutoKitteh is designed for users ranging from the very sophisticated to the less technical skilled enthusiast. Typical use cases include:

  • DevOps engineers: Whether you're setting up CI/CD pipelines, managing cloud resources, or building orchestration workflows, AutoKitteh streamlines your processes and deploys them in a highly reliable manner. AutoKitteh lets you quickly connect to cloud service providers (e.g., AWS, Google, Azure), code repositories (e.g., GitHub, Gitlab), and other popular tools such as Slack, Jira, etc.

  • Backend developers: For long-running, reliable workflows that link microservices and external APIs, AutoKitteh offers a simplified alternative to platforms such as Temporal, Cadence, Prefect, AWS Step Functions, or Airflow.

  • Automation engineers and enthusiasts: AutoKitteh is for you if you're into building and managing automations but need more control than what other platforms offer (like Zapier,, or Workato). AutoKitteh’s simple-yet-powerful tools allow you to build and manage workflows ranging from basic to super sophisticated.

AutoKitteh is more of an orchestration platform for any type of pipeline. It is less suitable for the acutal processing in ETL and big data pipelines.

Why You Should Try AutoKitteh

AutoKitteh offers a blend of simplicity and power, enabling users to define workflows and automations in code for precise control while providing an easy-to-use abstraction layer and all the boilerplate features required for building and managing workflows.

If this resonates with your automation challenges, try it out.

Core Features

  • Built-in integrations: Off-the-shelf connections to many services, that takes care of the hassles of secrets management, authentication, and complex API calls.

  • Managed deployments: Immediate workflow deployment and execution.

  • Event-driven execution: Versatile triggers to start workflows: cron scheduling, webhooks, and manual commands via the AutoKitteh CLI or User Interface.

  • Durable execution: Fault tolerance and seamless recovery from server failures, powered by Temporal. To learn more about this, see this technical guide.

  • Monitoring: Rich telemetry and observability for execution states, and performance metrics.

  • Logging and debugging: Detailed log and event collection for debugging and execution analysis.

  • Security: Isolation between workflows and users to ensure secure execution.

  • Scalability: Designed to scale with increasing load.